Friday, July 13, 2012

Sports n Pics - Timeline of Sports in pictures

The following article is about Sports n Pics:

The morning after euro2012 final happened, I woke up and was curious to see how did people around the world reacted before, during and after the match. I am sure there will be mixed reactions, exciting moments, celebrations for some and sadness for some. I can get all these in the form of news articles or boston.bigpicture or something like that. 

But I wanted to see the real feelings of people, their preparation for the match, their arrangements and cool merchandise bought, funny hats, happiness in their faces, love towards their favorite team, heartfelt situations during the match followed by elated moments. Finally celebrations in winning team and  other team's feelings for their defeat. Every moment mentioned above is felt by all football fans, I wanted to see them in personal. 

Best way I found is Instagram! People post every activity as mentioned above, which is a huge resource for fulfilling my request. But there was no way I can see them as a sequence in a nice UI where I need not do many clicks or run through several pages. 

With this pain point, I decided to develop an application which would solve this purpose. You can select your favorite league and filter the teams, select a team to see a timeline of pictures being listed and will keep on coming as you scroll down - that's it - select a team with single click and watch a huge set of pictures from all around the world depicting different feelings and moments of every one's life for a given sports event or a team. 

Link for my application is

Now this application hosts all teams of MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA. So this would be a treat for fans of baseball, football, hockey, soccer and basketball!

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This is still in beta and adding many more features to make a perfect applications for a sports fan.

Please let me know your feedback. 


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