Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Does Human knows everything about his capabilities?

Human Being - The most intelligent being on Earth so far.

Is that true???

Human brain and body is the most advanced and complex system, but there are some limitations!

For instance, we have got te "Eyes+Brain" system, much powerful than the state of the art cameras in terms of lens and focus - but, some things are missing!

  1. He doesn't have Zoom capability!
  2. He can always see the colors, but can't switch between gray scale and colors!
  3. and many more!!!

Why are they missing?

Are these features missing in human being or does he don't know the control for them?

Do we actually know what all things we are capable of doing?

Do we actually know all the controls for doing different complex things?

What's the human potential and how far we have explored it?


Phantom said...

Very interesting topic; I am sure there are already R&D in progress as we discuss it out here.
First, I love photography and I would not underestimate the DSLRs. An almost absolute control over the image, focal length, exposure, lighting, aperture and a whole lot of other features, combinations of which could be quite exhaustive. And there is post-processing that gives a million ways to portray the captured image.

Lets stay put to functionality of brain. The learning itself is captured by neural path. All the puzzles and memory games are to strengthen these paths. Brain is the central control system if you want to call it that way. neurons enable transfer of information. For example, when you are in pain, Endorphins are released which act as natural pain killer. Depression can by controlled by Serotonin. Combination of Neuro transmitters along with hormones secreted in various glands, such as Endocrine, Exocrine and others synthesize in accordance to body condition and needs, which we may or may not be consciously aware of. The more we try decode, the complex it could get and connecting all the dots in itself will become a sophisticated and perhaps complicated network.

What I just described above is existent and known. There are studies in quantum and metaphysics to tap those areas that the current technology may suffer to capture. Well, talking about the example you stated, suppose now we know function of brain could be limitless (Just like in the movie 'Limitless') and we focus on an object and hope it zooms in. Now, what commands will you pass to your brain? Do we've technology to enable this or do we just wait till brain learns that it knows more that what we think it knows? Well there are zillion articles on 'Mind control' but very few on brain control.

I'll be watching this space for more!

- Phantom

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