Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learning basics of LaTeX thru Kile!

Ahh....due to some unavoidable forces, this is teaching me a lot. As a part of it today i'm learning text documentation and usage of LaTeX for that. Here i'm making out some important points that are found useful in the tutorial.

The commands \begin{environment}, \huge and \end{environment} will let you temporarily alter the text inside the environment commands to be size huge.

Changes are only effective from \begin{environment} to \end{environment}. There are no limits as how many changes you can make inside an environment.

Some other features are
  • \begin{emph}: \end{emph}. To italicize one word in a sentence, you can use the syntax: this is \emph{my} sentence
  • \textbf{I am making this text inside the brackets bold}
  • \quote: begin your quote with \begin{quote} and end it with \end{quote}.
  • \center: centers the text.
  • \verse: creates offset text for poems.
  • \itemize: makes an itemized list.
Thats the basic commands i saw and now plunging into kile for creating a new document.


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